Okay so I hit 3k today and I’m super excited so I’ve decided to do a tumblr awards because I love you all so much<3


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post (likes will be totally ignored)
  • Be awesome


  • Cactus Award - Best Overall
  • Rose Award - Best Pale
  • Orchid Award - Best Glow
  • Ivy Award - Best Grunge
  • Anemone Award - Best Other
  • Daisy Award - Best Theme
  • Lily Award - Best Url

Each categorie will have a winner and a runner-up!


  • Everyone will be added to my new Tumblr awards page (in progress)
  • Winners will be added to my hover tab (under networks)
  • Winners will get a screenie, another promo of your choice and can selfpromote in my ask.
  • Runner-ups can selfpromote in my ask
  • There will be a group promo in which I will announce the winners

Good luck everyone and happy reblogging!

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